How we worked out our processors?

In 2002 we started the UK's first fresh food home delivery diet company "The BodyChef". The experience of twenty years in the food business is what's gone into the design and creation of the NutriAngel Food Production and E-commerce system. 

New Life For Your Business

NutriAngel is a business and management system that initially evolved around our own businesses. Our NutriAgel engine delivers compliance and with it come a wealth of benefits that can transform your entire business operation. See the video to discover what a NutriAngel system can do for your food business.


A Recipe

With your products and recipes are in, your system is primed and ready to offer you a wealth of operational and sale benefits that will deliver direct to your bottom line. Drag and drop dishes to create menus, meal plans, courses, and any combinations of dishes you wish to create, produce and publish for sale.

Recipe Management and Innovation.

  • Easily add ingredients and input recipes.
  • Drag and drop method creation ensures all ingredients are included.
  • Easy scale recipes portion size to meet the calories required.
  • Dynamic nutritional and calorie information during recipe creation.
  • New ingredient mapping comes as part of monthly support and identify allergens and displays the appropriate icons with exclude products containing options for the 14 allergens.
  • Recipe tags allow for lifestyle choice and quick sort options by any tags set.
  • Compliant nutritional information displays traffic lights health guide, ingredient lists with allergens represented in bold.
  • Easy upload dish and product pictures for display for customer display, with additional pictures uploaded as required.
  • Duplicate and edit recipes to offer variations of the dishes, whether for portion size or as a vegan option, with tofoo instead of prawns. Your system will aggregate pre-prep and offer cooking portion options for the chef.
  • Recipe costing are calculated by the amount of an ingredient use, food ordering is based on the number of packs required to meeting the production quantity.
  • Each recipe has its own link generator, allowing a range of information to be posted as a promotion to social networks or transposed online to other points of sale.
  • A quick edit view is provided displaying costs, sales price with quick options to edit and toggle the status of the recipe.
  • Assign each recipe to its production section, chef, desserts, salads
  • Tick applicable courses to activate select by course menu option in the shop.

Amber Subscription Level Two

Amber subscribers can take complete control over the supply chain by simply dragging and dropping groups created or meal courses into the food order screen. Entering the number of servings required for each item generates the food orders required after considering stock levels. The total purchase costs are calculated with the option to drill down to the cost of each meal or ingredient as required. The purchase orders for each supplier can also be cross-referenced with your stackable items before confirming, printing or sending your PO’s electronically if desired.

Ecommerce Solutions

Green Subscription Level Three

Green subscribers enjoy the benefits of their own online shop with the choice of three levels of nutritional reports to displayed to their customers. Allergens contained, macros and even the exact calories that will be consumed by each person being displayed to the customer on confirmation of any order. Dispatched orders are fed directly back to the customer and access to recipes ensure continuity with taste and nutritional values while optimising kitchenproduction and the customer’s wait time.

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