Reporting is not a cost to your business!

. NutriAngel


Reporting is not a cost to your business!

NutriAngel is a recipe service and managment system that initially delivers nutritional reporting for both large and small food producers.

We empower your business with a central point that seamlessly feeds compliant nutritional information to multi points of sale of your choice.  

With your recipes stored, nutritional reporting is a bi-product next to the operational benefits and monthly savings NutriAngel is perfectly designed to deliver to any food producing business.

Recipe Mangement.

Nutritional Control.

Compliance Reports.


Red Launch Subscription Level One

The subscriber names their recipe and enters each ingredient, before submitting the recipe to the NA team for nutritional mapping. Once mapped the recipe can be released for use. Our integrated ingredient communicator makes signing off any recipe as easy as pie. Recipes like stocks and sauces can be added as an ingredient to other recipes. Adding each recipe and the ingredient used opens up a wealth of options. NA provides an unprecedented level of flexibility with real-time nutritional reporting for whatever a user wishes to create. Simply create new recipes, courses or groups. Set lifestyle food group or allergens exclusions for any groups created and NS makes sure the subscriber can’t go wrong. Just drag and drop your ingredients to make new recipes or move recipes to groups to make up courses for the whole day if desired before viewing the calories and all nutritional information required at the push of a button.

Food Ordering. Pre-

Production. Food



Amber Subscription Level Two

Amber subscribers can take complete control over the supply chain by simply dragging and dropping groups created or meal courses into the food order screen. Entering the number of servings required for each item generates the food orders required after considering stock levels. The total purchase costs are calculated with the option to drill down to the cost of each meal or ingredient as required. The purchase orders for each supplier can also be cross-referenced with your stackable items before confirming, printing or sending your PO’s electronically if desired.

E-commerce Store.

Discount Codes

Food Profit Costings.

Ecommerce Solutions

Green Subscription Level Three

Green subscribers enjoy the benefits of their own online shop with the choice of three levels of nutritional reports to displayed to their customers. Allergens contained, macros and even the exact calories that will be consumed by each person being displayed to the customer on confirmation of any order. Dispatched orders are fed directly back to the customer and access to recipes ensure continuity with taste and nutritional values while optimising kitchenproduction and the customer’s wait time.

Delivering whatever nutritional reporting you require while saving you far more

than your monthly subscription. 







Phase One

Compliance and Continuarty 


Signup for access to your account.

Submit the ingredients for your recipes and submit to your account manager.

We do the work, map each allergen and count each calorie.

We inform you as each recipe is completed ready for your database.

Pick the reports to suit your business

Front of Pack back of Pack Kcal or macro and allergen.

Copy or place the links your products  with dynamic updates for all your recipes.

Autonomous hosting for all your recipes.

Your own webpage displaying all your products with your choice nutritional reports available for your customers.

Create menus with drag & drop recipes create a course from and recipe and ingredients in your database.

Instantly duplicate change or scale recipes to new calorie levels.

Search our database or send us the require to produce your reports.

Quality Information


We ensure that food manufacturers large and small have the dynamic nutritional information required for the products they create. 


Get your dynamic dish database, display links, short codes or copy and paste to display your nutritional information across multiple points of sale.

Freedom to Inovate

Optimise and expand the dishes you have on offer, easily duplicate and modifiy dishes and portion sizes. 

Business Size

Businesses both large and small can use NA to manage the nutritional reporting of the foods they create. The NutritAngel team does all the work for you once you have entered each of your recipes.  

Keeping Staff Informed

Staff have their own logging with all the nutritional information a customer could require at a push of a button.

Adding Ingrediant

Add the ingredients you use just lookup our database, photograph back of pack or fill in the information your self.  we map your allergens compile the  nutritional data before presenting to you to add to your own database. 

Your Recipies

Consistent tastes and nutritional information across all your dishes no matter which chef is doing the cooking. 

Dish Continuity

Your food is your brand, refining dishes and delivering consistently tasty dishes across the products you create and the chefs who create them is impossible without a recipe to follow and adjust.

Real Time Updates

Change any ingredient and your NA team member will automatically check and update your data. 

How We Help!

Instant results and easy to use

In minutes a NutriAngel subscription gives you the detailed nutritional information you need to feed your points of sale. Product labels and the ability create recipes and nutritionally monitored menus is now simple.  

Quick Service your never alone

We work with you all of the way ensutre each ingredient is mapped to it’s correct food grouop displaying the allergens it contains.

Secure access from anywhere

Your own webpage for you to select and display the dishes you want with the nutritional reporting you want to present.  All the information for your staff and your customers can be displayed while under your control. 

The freedom to create

Creation and the evolutionary process means recipes could change from day to day whether you want to meet certain calorie levels, offer set nutritional values or wish to create and offer free from dishes we make it simple.

We do all the work for you to make sure you get it right the first time.

Robust reporting

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